Hillary Clinton Praises David Dinkins’ Leadership

Hillary Clinton delivered the first important speech of the 2016 presidential campaign in New York on Wednesday, kicking off what she pledged would be an honest conversation about race and justice in America, and, beyond that, a period of meaningful reform. As the speech drew to a close, she acknowledged “a leader we can look to” on issues of policing and public safety, a man who helped make his city “both good and great”: David Dinkins.

Some long-time New Yorkers cocked an ear: David Dinkins? The mayor whose tenure saw the highest homicide rates in the city’s history? The one from the Bad Old Days?

Yes, that David Dinkins. The mayor many New Yorkers still associate with violence, chaos and disorder was in fact one of the most important criminal justice reformers in New York’s history.

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Credit: New York Daily News

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