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Harlem News: Annual CCHP + ECDC Gala Celebrated “The Year of the Father”

Annual CCHP + ECDC Gala Celebrated “The Year of the Father” – May 21, 2015

Hosted by the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice (CCHP) an interdisciplinary family-focused health center offering quality primary care, behavioral health treatment and support services in East Harlem, their 2015 annual gala raised money for CCHP to continue providing quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care to its patients across the city.

The central theme of the gala was: “The Year of the Father”, with a video presentation highlighting the stories of three fathers enrolled in CCHP’s Family and Employment Services Program. “The Year of the Father, brings attention to our patients that struggle with substance use, chronic illness, unemployment, and mental illness, as well as the challenges of fatherhood, whether their children are six months old or 45 years old,” says Richard Porter, Chief Executive Officer at CCHP.

This year was the initiation of the CCHP Distinguished Leadership Award acknowledging influential leaders in our community that have push forward policies which allow organizations such as CCHP to prosper and offer services to those most in need. The Honorable. David N. Dinkins, former Mayor of the City of New York was inaugurated as the first recipient of his prestigious award, honoring his extraordinary contributions to NYC while he was mayor, and his more recent role as an educator and reformer of urban policy issues. The award was presented to him by his son David Dinkins Jr., who gave a heartfelt speech explaining why the “Year of the Father” was so important to him personally. Mr. Dinkins’ wife Joyce Dinkins and his granddaughter joined the former to see him accept his award.

Becky Thomas, Director of the Early Childhood Development Center commented: “When we think of caregivers our society tends to focus on the mother and fails to consider the role of the father. At CCHP, our services focus on the entire family and that includes fathers.”

Guest enjoyed live music, and outdoor cocktail reception, and a seated dinner in the Loeb Boathouse with stunning views of the Lake in Central Park. This year’s gala was produced by Bee Season Consulting.

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