Substance Use Treatment

ContemplationAt CCHP our substance use treatment programs help men and women recover from substance use and other co-occurring disorders through caring, integrated and evidence-based approaches. Treatment is tailored with active patient participation to ensure the best opportunity for recovery. Our on-site services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of professionals that includes licensed therapists, clinical social workers, certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors (CASACs), primary medical doctors, psychiatrists, case managers, vocational/educational counselors, nursing staff and medical assistants.

Services range from medically supervised out-patient substance use treatment to a variety of opioid replacement services.

  • Family and Employment Services Program (FESP)
  • Extended Care Program (ECP)
  • Multitrack Abstinence Program (MAP)
  • Pregnant Addicts and Addicted Mothers (PAAM)

If methadone maintenance or another form of longer-term treatment is indicated at any point, an appropriate referral is made. Mental Health services are provided, which include individual counseling sessions, psychiatric evaluations and a variety of recovery groups-all designed to help patients stop illicit drug use and engage in ongoing care. Ambulatory withdrawal from opiates, using decreasing doses of methadone, is offered once the patient’s drug use has been curtailed and related factors are stabilized. Primary care medical services are available to patients not receiving regular health care elsewhere. We also offer education/employment services which include adult basic education assessments; vocational evaluations; and referrals for GED classes, job training and job placements.

All services are available in English and Spanish.

Family and Employment Services Program (FESP)

FESP helps individuals and families with children, particularly families whose parenting is made more difficult by substance use. The general goals are to overcome substance use issues, stabilize family relationships, improve overall health and mental health status, and expand employment options.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive treatment to individuals who are or have been impacted by a loved one’s substance use. These services include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and play therapy as well as medical and psychiatric services for ages five years and up.

Extended Care Program (ECP)

ECP is a methadone maintenance program that provides long-term outpatient care for individuals who require ongoing treatment in order to become or remain free from the use of heroin and other opioids. The goals of the program are to help patients maintain abstinence from illicit drug use while addressing their medical, mental health, family, interpersonal, housing, legal, and vocational needs.

Multitrack Abstinence Program (MAP)

MAP is a methadone-to-abstinence program which offers outpatient help to individuals whose primary substance use is opioids. Our certified staff provides program participants with ongoing care, including methadone treatment to stabilize their substance use, counseling services to address related problems, and medically supervised withdrawal when appropriate.

Pregnant Addicts and Addicted Mothers (PAAM) Program

Our PAAM program was among the first in the nation to offer truly comprehensive care to heroin-addicted women and their families. The overall goals are for each woman to curtail substance use; receive physical and emotional health care; improve economic self-sufficiency; be an able parent; and, if pregnant, deliver a healthy baby. An individual service plan is developed to meet the specific needs of each woman.

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