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CCHP’s “The Year of the Father” Video

At CCHP, we believe that a family-focused approach is most vital in improving one’s health and well-being, and that includes the role of the father within the family. The “Year of the Father” highlights the stories of three fathers, Kenneth, Charles, and Nathan, all currently enrolled in our Family and Employment Services Program. These fathers struggle with substance use, chronic illnesses, unemployment, and mental illness, as well as the challenges of fatherhood, but overcame these obstacles through the support of their counselors to better themselves and reconnect with their families. Our FESP program is unique from others, as it incorporates the entire family in the treatment process and patients participate in individual, group, family and play therapy. Our program also offers these same services to significant others and family members of substance users. Click here to learn more about FESP and our other substance use treatment programs.

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